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Go Figure Kalispell is one of the best weight loss clinics in the area. I have lost 70 pounds and am still losing.

I also have drastically reduced the amount of medication I take. Patty and Susie give their clients a tremendous amount of support. It is not a fad or some crazy diet.

It is a new way of life. They teach you how to make different choices that create a healthier lifestyle. I highly recommend Go Figure Kalispell.  -  Peggy T. age 60

Saw the billboards and thought this place was just for women at first but it's not. Guys actually lose faster and it was easy to follow. They are really nice there and made me feel comfortable even when I weighed over 250 pounds!
I am now 197 pounds and just want to maintain under that 200 pound mark. I had to cut back on a few things to come up with the $ every week but I'm glad I did because I haven't been this weight since high school and it's AWESOME!
Would definitely recommend this program!  -  David, age 32

I am so pleased with my results from Go Figure Kalispell.  I have lost around 25 pounds and still going!
I love everything about this program.  Patty Bouma is amazing. She encourages you every step of the way. Even when you have a bad week she is there to cheer you on. She showed me how to read labels and what to look for.
I make better choices now.  I think what made the difference for me is you go in every week to get weighed and that seemed to keep me on track. 

Ruth W., age 52

The gals at Go Figure Kalispell were GREAT ~ I only needed to lose about 10 pounds and they adapted the diet to my needs.
Easy to follow program and I LOVE the vitamin shots!  Very friendly and compassionate and good at what they do! 

DiDi L., age 60

I lost 18 pounds and my BMI went from 27 to 24.4.
The Go Figure program helped me change my eating habits and to gain better control over my cravings. It is an easy program to follow and I was able to eat regular grocery store food.
The folks at Go Figure Kalispell are compassionate, discreet, and fun!  I recommend this program to women and men alike.  -  Ann B., age 54

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